PIES 101
How can I identify what pie I have?

Each pie has its own topping to help identify it from the other, see our legend by clicking here.

Do you use shortening or lard in your pastry?

Neither! Our pies are wrapped in a flakey ALL-BUTTER pastry.

Do you offer Vegan Pies?

Yes, we normally have at least one vegan option. Our vegan pastry is Palm Oil free and made with our housemade made VEGAN ‘Buttr’.

Are your pies Halal?

We use Halal chicken in our chicken pies, however we are not certified Halal.Our beef pies are not halal. We also offer vegetarian and vegan pies.

Do you have any Gluten Free (GF) options?

We do not offer any GF pie options.  However, for our catering customers, we do have different GF meal options available.  And some of our sides sold in store are GF.

Our Location
Can I dine in at your Queensway Store?

Yes, we offer counter service with seating or take out.

What else is available in-store other than meat pies?

Dessert pies, bake-at-home scones, fresh hand-cut fries, frozen treats and MORE!

What are your store hours and location?

We are open Monday – Saturday from 11am-6pm & Sunday from 11am-5pm

Please note we close all statutory holidays.

Our address is 927 The Queensway, entrance off Can Motor Ave. in S. Etobicoke.

How do you sell your pies in-store?

We sell our pies in 3 different ways

HOT – Baked fresh daily at our bakery – call 1 hour in advance to order a specific pie or come on in and enjoy whatever we have baked that day. Please note, HST is charged on hot pies.

PRE BAKED & COLD – A baked pie ready to be reheated in your home oven.  No HST applicable.

UNBAKED FROZEN – An unbaked pie to bake at home.  No HST applicable.  Plus, save $2 when you buy any 4 frozen pies.

Is your facility nut free?

No, we are not a nut free facility.

Where can I find your pies other than your retail store?
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Baking A Pie
How do I bake a pie at home?

Preheat oven to 375 (with convection if possible).45 mins from frozen, and 30 mins from thawed.Reheat a baked pie in 15+ mins at 350.

Can I use an Air Fryer to bake a pie?

Absolutely! Many customers say it’s the best way to bake a pie.Timing should be 5-10 mins less than a conventional oven.

Can I use a microwave to bake a pie?

No. However, if you’re desperate and you want to reheat an already
baked pie in the microwave, please take it out of the tin first. Pastry will become a little soggy, but you’ve
been warned!!

Nutrition Facts
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What If I Have Questions Not Addressed Above?

Please email us at pie@piecommission.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Please note that our customer service is available 11am - 5pm Monday - Friday.