Our story

We’re Patrick and Mike, high-school buddies with a passion for making (and eating) exceptional pies.

This love for the hot, flaky pie was born out of our years living abroad. Patrick lived in England and Mike in Australia, where pies are kind of… A big deal.

But when we got back to Canada, there was a big pie-shaped hole in our bellies. We just couldn’t get the pie fix we’d come to love.

So, inspired by the hundreds of pies we tried while living abroad, The Pie Commission was born.

What makes our pies special

The Pie Commission is all about high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. We wanted to make the best pies we could ever eat, and we knew the right ingredients were the key. More specifically: it’s all about the butter.

Our all-butter pastry means it’s endlessly flaky and rich, so the flavour and texture of the pastry are enjoyed in every bite.

We started off selling a few pies from a small basement kitchen with a walk-up window, growing over time to open a larger retail store in Toronto where our chef makes and bakes our pies fresh daily.

Retail, catering, home delivery and now we’re selling our pies across Ontario in grocery stores both big and small. What a ride it has been!

Every day we continue striving to make exceptional pies, bringing them to as many people as we possibly can!